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Astronomy Report


Nadine Traufler


Sky Conditions: Clear

Wind Conditions: Calm

Observation Start Time: 03/24/2016 9:40 P.M.

Observation End Time: 03/24/2016 11:50 P.M.



We found some keys!!!! In the cover of the Musk computer, they fell when we took the battery charger out. I think that Peter were searching it. I join pictures of the keys.

We tried all the combinations possible for the adaptation piece, and it didn’t work. We understood what the problem is. The piece from the Belgian telescope we choose to base the adaptation piece on is in two parts. We took the entire, but the second part has a screw like the telescope here.

So we in filing down the piece, it nearly finish, we tried to put it on the telescope and it’s better.

We tried to use the CCD and followed the steps described below:
·         We used the telescope to observe with eyepieces
·         We placed CCD at the end of the telescope instead of the eyepieces
·         We linked the pier and the CCD using USB wire
·         We plugged the CCD
·         We linked the grey cable with the telescope remote control
·         We plugged the computer and started it
·         We plugged the USB wire on the computer. All the light were on.
·         We switch the dome engines on the on position
·         We started the four programs in the order given by the guide
·         We clicked on the button connect in the MaxDome II program and the problems started…
·         We tried many things like restart the programs, restart the computer, switch the dome engines to off, close and open the dome, use the other programs even if MaxDome II wasn’t working.

I join picture of the error.

I tried to make pictures with my own camera, outside the observatory, the moon emit a lot of light.



Objects viewed:


-M34, Pleiades


Problems encountered:

The piece doesn’t fit.

The program MaxDome II couldn’t detect the dome and the telescope.

There was not enough power to completely close the dome again! So we went to close it this morning, the aperture was bigger than yesterday.