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Hi Mission Support!

Sol Summary Report (SSR) for 25 March 2016!

SOL: 5

Person filling out Report: Bertrand Steenput

Summary Title: When life on Mars is not so hard :D

Mission Status: Running on the CAT, all other system are nominal.

Sol 5 Activity Summary:

The crew is calm today, maybe because it is Friday! We went in EVA this morning, it went well. But there was a lot of wind. It was difficult to use our experiments. We make a bread for the second time, I didn’t I was going to miss the bred every day! Tonight we will probably eat, then play a little game and go to bed!

Anomalies in work: NorCal Rover might have some problem.

Weather: Warm, sunny but truly windy !!!

Look ahead plan: EVA#6 RMR TASK and freetime for the rest of the crew

Crew Physical Status: Healthy!

EVA: The Eva of today was used to take some soil sample, retrieve a localization transceiver and test the Yagi antenna.

Reports to be filed:

- Commander Report

- Engineering Report

- Journalist Report

- Sol Summary Report

- EVA #4 report

- EVA #5 request

- Astronomy report

- Greenhab officer report

Support Requested: None