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MDRS 166

Journalist Report 25/03/2016

Sol 6.


Yesterday we went back to the telescope, the Moon was already risen. I’m impatient to be next week, it will start to decrease. We cannot see the Milky Way because of the too much light emitted by the Moon.


This morning three of us leave the Hab with the ATV. During this time, Arthur download some old PC games which are dated from before we were born. He had played them when he was a child. We tried again to launch spaceships and it was working better. The bread machine made relax sounds, nearly lull. We follow the bread development and steps. This one was better done than the first one, we followed the instruction for the high altitude!


They were more than thirty minutes early, so the bread wasn’t ready. They come back with some soil, Julie is trying to grow some radish with coffee grounds.


Some of us took a shower today, the water take a long time to warm and I hope that we won’t have a cold tomorrow. The water pump is very noisy, but it’s good to be clean.


I started The Martian book this afternoon, it’s funny that the story begins in Sol 6.

I bought it in the Walmart when we made shopping for Julie who need some gas for his experiment and obviously, she couldn’t took it in the plane...


Sometimes, chance would have it…


I like this book, it’s easy to read. Maybe I will finish it tonight, because the weather don’t allow us to go to the observatory. I don’t thrust it, I can see through the windows that there is no cloud in the sky.


It’s 7PM, the CapCom should be open now, I don’t have internet again… The others have the time in two minutes to send their reports, but the pictures take long time to upload. Luckily, a little dinosaur help me to wait...


“Books are my friends, my companions. They make me laugh and cry and find meaning in life.”

(Christopher Paolini, Eragon)


Nadine Traufler, Crew Journalist MDRS 166