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Hi Mission Support!

Sol Summary Report (SSR) for 25 March 2016!

SOL: 6

Person filling out Report: Bertrand Steenput

Summary Title: A sympathetic day.

Mission Status: Running on the CAT, all other system are nominal.

Sol 6 Activity Summary:

As today is Saturday, we accord ourselves 1 hour of oversleep. It was good for everybody since we are a little bit tired and that the matrasses are not as conformable as the one we are used to on Earth. But the team is still very motivated, and the days are going really fast!

Anomalies in work: NorCal Rover might have some problem.

Weather: Cloudy, warm, some little rain and even snow.

Look ahead plan: EVA# 8 Photos and video EVA and preparation of midrotation video.

Crew Physical Status: Healthy and Happy!

EVA: The EVA of today was short and about the RMR task.

Reports to be filed:

- Commander Report

- Engineering Report

- Journalist Report

- Sol Summary Report

- EVA #6 report

- EVA #7 request

Support Requested: None