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Crew members: Commander Mathieu Roiseux, Executive Officer Bertrand Steenput, Biologist Julie and Journalist Nadine Traufler.

518215E 4251095N
518322E 4251331N
518533E 4251338N
518790E 4251480N

ATV: none

Time: 01:15 pm depart – 03:00 pm return

Purpose: Photos shoot. Telecommunication experiment. Elevation/altitude measurements. “Hazardous area” transceiver check.

Summary: We have started the EVA a little bit later, because a problem occurred with one cable of the communication relay. We first get to the last know position of a transceiver, to see if it was working. At 20 meter from the transceiver Mathieu started to hear a sound in his helmet (because he was wearing the buzzer). We have made several tests from our location for the telecommunication relay. We went on the hill next to our checkpoint, it was a very nice place. Julie will take soil samples tomorrow for her experiment. Since it was the afternoon, the EVA was quite difficult due to the heat of the day. Nadine has taken a lot of photos of the landscape. Then we went to the second transceiver, the transceiver was also working very well.