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Greetings Mission Support,
Commander Report Crew 166:
Mathieu Roiseux
Sol 9
Earth date: 29/03/16

Today was our grandfather day. We didn’t do tiring things. We woke up at
08:00 am. Then Nadine (who feels better) and I made pancakes for all the
team. At 10:00 am, we went on EVA. It was a small one as the main goal
was to stay around the base and take altitude measurements for the map.
Gregory and I left Nadine and Arthur to go some meters farther to retrieve
two emitters that Gregory placed previously. We circled around the HAB
and climbed a lot of small hills but nothing difficult. As Arthur made
a lot of distance to go back at the same place, we waited for him
sometimes on a stone. Then I replaced Arthur to continue measuring the
altitude. The job was completed quickly and we went back in the HAB around

This afternoon, nothing special happened. Arthur showed us the result
of the travels we made in the morning. Bertrand worked on his antenna as
usual and tomorrow we will test the change he made.

The weather is colder than usual and they are many clouds. It doesn’t
look like good news for the observation in the observatory. However the
wind has slowed and the HAB is no longer shaken in every direction.

Today we realized that there remains only three days of SIM. It seems too
few for us as we all enjoyed the time we already have spent on Mars.

From Crew 166; MDRS Martian Outpost
Crew Commander
Semper Altius