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EVA Request:
EVA #10
Crew members: Mathieu Roiseux, Bertrand Steenput, Gregory Edison,
Nadine Traufler

518976E 4251398N
518213E 4250313N

ATV: None

Time: Departure at 9:00 a.m.

Duration: 2h30.

Retrieve the emitters placed by Gregory in a previous EVA

Goal: Take back the material we placed to leave a clean Mars behind us.

Please note : On the way we will collect more location data to achieve the map near
the HAB and we will try Bernard's new modifications of the antenna.

EvaPlan Report
Point0 Away: 0
Point0 East: 518230
Point0 North: 4250725
Purpose0: home

Point1 Away: 1004
Point1 East: 518976
Point1 North: 4251398
Purpose1: Collect the emitter placed in a hazardous area

Point2 Away: 412
Point2 East: 518213
Point2 North: 4250313
Purpose2: Test the antenna on the way
Eva Number: 10
Go Rogue: no

Route Change:

Lead Name: Mathieu Roiseux
Suit Num One: 0
Atv Num One:

Navi Name: Bertrand Steenput
Suit Num Two: 1
Atv Num Two:

Three Name: Gregory Edison
Suit Num Three: 2
Atv Num Three:

Four Name: Nadine Traufler
Suit Num Four: 4
Atv Num Four:

Five Name:

Suit Num Five:

Atv Num Five:

Depart Time: 9:00