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EVA#9 Report

Crew members: Mathieu Roiseux, Nadine Traufler, Gregory Edison, Arthur Bawin

518127E 4250830N
518375E 4250684N
518345E 4250853N
518057E 4250671N

ATV: None

Time: Departure at 10:00 a.m, return : 11:20 am

Continue mapping the area close to the HAB. Check the power of some
"hazardous areas" receptors close to the station.

Summary : A group of two crewmembers went to retrieve 2 of Greg's
receptors, to check whether or not they still have power. The other 2
made large circles and walked around the station to collect lots of
GPS track points, in order to provide a map of the surroundings close
to the research station.