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Greetings Mission Support,
Commander Report Crew 166:
Mathieu Roiseux
Sol 10
Earth date: 30/03/16

Today we woke up and ate our breakfast before going to EVA. One member
of the crew wasn’t feeling good. This person suffered from back pain
and pain in the right leg. I decided that it was better that the
person stay in bed to rest and take some medication. We had
enough to go outside and complete the EVA job that was planned for
this morning.

The EVA in itself was productive. We made some tests with the antenna
and it worked! We took back one emitter that Gregory had placed earlier in
another EVA. We also measured the altitude of some hills near the route
that we initially planned. Going on those hills was helpful for the
antenna experiment. As Bertrand was behind the hill, we showed him the
HAB direction to help the transmission.

It was quite funny to climb those hills even if I felt that my
stomach wasn’t really happy about it. The view at the top of the
elevated area on our travel was really good and we observed things
were we went many times with a different angle. Bertrand’s antenna
finally found a more interesting job when we used it as a
selfie-stick to take a picture.

This afternoon, Nadine finished her book “The Martian”. Julie made a
new table with a light on the bottom and a transparent plastic at the
top. Her small construction allows her to observe her boxes containing
bacteria. Arthur is making the map with all the altitude measurements
that we took all during our SIM.

Around 5:00 pm we had our traditional power shut down but instead of the
usual five minutes, it was a longer one. However it seems that we will
no longer have electricity loss in the future because the problem has
been identified.

When power came back, Bertrand and Gregory checked one last time the
NorCal Rover before sending it out into the dangerous world at the external
part of the HAB. Bertrand drove the rover as Gregory made his routine
check. When Gregory had finished his usual measurements, he made the
turn of the HAB, the MUSK observatory and the GreenHab. He was looking
after the robot which was preceding him. He took command of the
rover for this final lap.

From Crew 166; MDRS Martian Outpost
Crew Commander
Semper Altius