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Hi Mission Support,

Sol Summary Report (SSR) for 30 March 2016
SOL: 10
Person filling out Report: Bertrand Steenput

Summary Title: Sandstorm is looking after our engineer!

Mission Status: running on the CAT, All other systems are nominal

Sol Activity Summary:
We went on EVA around the hab a little bit late on our schedule, but it wasn’t a long EVA so we were back at the right time. For the dinner we made two loaves of bread, it was nice to have more than a slice of bread for eating with the soup. Afterwards the afternoon was calm. At five o’clock, the generator was shut down as usual but for one hour, since the main generator was in reparation. For the Engineering tour, Sandstorm was used to look after our engineer. It was a success! Gregory was always on video during his tour.

Anomalies in work: None

Weather: warm and sunny.

Look ahead plan: EVA#11 Yagi antenna test, “hazardous area” transceiver retrieval. Photography

Crew Physical Status: Physical status OK for all but one crewmember; see HSO report

EVA: Walking EVA, around the hab, mainly for altitude sampling for Arthur experiment and for the Yagi antenna experiment

Reports to be filed:

- Commander Report
- Engineering Report
- Journalist Report
- Sol Summary Report
- EVA#10 report
- EVA#11 request
- HSO report
- Greenhab officer report

Support Requested: None