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Hi mission support!

Crew members: Commander Mathieu Roiseux, Executive Officer Bertrand Steenput, Engineer Gregory Edison

518976E 4251398N
518213E 4250313N

ATV: none

Time: 09:15 pm depart – 11:30 am return

Purpose: Telecommunication experiment. Elevation/altitude measurements. “Hazardous area” transceiver retrieval.

We started the EVA a little bit late since we were waiting to see if the last crewmember going with us to the EVA will come. Sadly the person was not in state to come. During the EVA we went in the direction of the first locations, on the way making some measurements for the telecommunication experiment and a continuous sampling of the altitude for the mapping of the area. We retrieved the transceiver at the first location. Then we went a little bit south to make some other measurements for the two experiment. After that we came back to the hab.