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Hi Mission Support,
Sol Summary Report (SSR) for 31 March 2016
SOL: 11

Person filling out Report: Bertrand Steenput

Summary Title: Get used to Mars!

Mission Status: running on the CAT, All the other systems are nominal

Sol Activity Summary:
Nice day on Mars! Mostly taken up by the EVA of this morning! A long trip in ATV. This afternoon was mainly used as free time for some and work time for others.

Anomalies in work: None

Weather: Cloudy, a little rain.

Look ahead plan: EVA#12 Photography, Altitude sampling, Compass retrieval.

Crew Physical Status: Physical status OK

EVA: We took the ATV to go further from the base to retrieve the "hazardous area" transceiver and to test the Yagi antenna for the telecommunication experiment. Sadly, near the second way point we lost a compass from the hab.

Reports to be filed:
- Commander Report
- Engineering Report
- Journalist Report
- Sol Summary Report
- EVA#11 report
- EVA#12 request
- Astronomy Report

Support Requested: None