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Hi mission support!

Crew members: Commander Mathieu Roiseux, Executive Officer Bertrand Steenput, Biologist Julie Mertens and Journalist Nadine Traufler

517802E 4254655N

515111E 4253284N
516100E 4254380N

ATV: 1 – 2 – 4 – 5

Time: 09:30 pm depart – 11:30 am return

Purpose: Telecommunication experiment. Elevation/altitude measurements. “Hazardous area” transceiver retrieval and filming.


We have started the EVA a little bit later since Mathieu and Nadine did observe the stars last night. So they woke up a little bit later. The first goal of the EVA was to test the long range efficiency of the Yagi antenna. So on the way to each waypoint we stopped to take some measurements. At each stop, Mathieu was also taking some measurements for the experiment of Arthur (Altitude sampling for mapping).  We turned around to return to the base at the second waypoint. There we lost the compass that we were using for the telecommunication experiment (compass from the base). Then, on the way back to the base we made a last quality test on the antenna.