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Hi Mission Support,

Sol Summary Report (SSR) for 01 April 2016
SOL: 12

Person filling out Report: Bertrand Steenput

Summary Title: What an incredible experience on Mars!

Mission Status: running on the CAT, All the other systems are nominal

Sol Activity Summary:
Already our last day of immersion as astronauts on the Mars surface! This was an incredible experience! We woke up at 09:00 am this morning and ate some pancakes for breakfast. During the afrternoon four crewmembers went on EVA to retrieve the lost compass. The afternoon was quiet, but as this evening is almost our last, I think we will play some games and have some fun before our long trip home!

Anomalies in work: 3D printers: impossible to print because the plastic didn’t come out.

Weather: sunny and warm.

Look ahead plan: Enjoying the rest of the simulation, cleaning the hab and welcoming crew 167!

Crew Physical Status: Physical status OK

EVA: The compass retrieval was a success.

Reports to be filed:

- Commander Report
- Engineering Report
- Journalist Report
- Sol Summary Report
- EVA#12 report
- Mission summary report

- Greenhab officer report Support Requested: None