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Hey Mission Support,

Date:  04/01/2016 at 7:10p.m.
Crew Engineer Name: Gregory Edison

Diesel – 50%
Propane – 35%
Gasoline (5 Gallon containers for ATV) –  1 full container, 1 empty container
Water (trailer) measured in cm from the bottom–   28in / 42in
Water (static) measured in cm from the bottom – 23,5in / 42in
Trailer to Static Pump used – No
Water (loft) – 48 gallons
Static to Loft Pump used – 47 gallons
Water Meter: 106827,4 gallons

Atv # Hours Used Day: #2-3-4-5, 1 hour
Atv # Notes and Comments: #4 While out on EVA, the back brake detached
from its place. We looked for the screws but couldn't find them. We
found a piece we believe is from the ATV (see attached photos). We
would like to know how to fix it, knowing we will be out of SIM
tomorrow and can go buy stuff in town.

Summary of Engineering activities: Routine check, filled the ATV's with gas.
Questions and Concerns to Mission Support:
Power: Still on Cat.  It ran all day, non stop. Shannon will check it tomorrow.
Musk Observatory: Battery to turn dome is at 13 volts, battery to
open and close dome is at 14 volts