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MDRS 166 / 167A Journalist Report
Nadine Traufler, Clark Overman
Sol 14
Earth date: 04/02/2016

Hello Earth, last day on Mars for us today. We welcomed the next crew
this afternoon.
After two weeks of seeing always the same faces, it’s good to have
others people in the Hab.
The best is to run free outside, open all the doors, and explore the
desert without the space suits and helmets which didn’t allow us to
freely observe the incredible beauty of the desert!

We made a tour around the Hab, and explain them everything that’s
working good, and everything that’s not. Some of them who were already
come here years ago, and it’s funny to hear what have changed for all
this time!

We will have dinner together after the CapCom, Shannon is already
here. Her Martian dogs too… I think the Hab will hear a lot of
conversations tonight. We are more than twice more than usually.

I past the hand, or the keyboard, to them. Hope they will make some
good work here.

<Nadine Traufler, Crew 166 Journalist signing off>


< Clark Overman, Crew 167A Journalist signing in>

Greetings Terrans:
Crew 167A arrived today and received our in-briefing from Mathieu and
his crew. All incoming 167A crew members paired up with their 166
counterparts and covered the appropriate duties and safety

Chef Julie prepared a pizza dinner for us to enjoy while we discuss
more aspects of living on Mars. After dinner, Nadine and Mathieu will
be giving us a tour of the observatory.

Crew 167A is looking forward to commencing our research.

Nadine Traufler, Clark Overman
Crew Journalist MDRS 166 / 167A