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Crew 167A Sol Summary

Hi Mission Support,

Sol Summary Report (SSR) for 03APR2016
SOL: 1
Person filling out Report: Amanda Sansom
Summary Title: Hello… from the inside

Mission Status: running on the CAT, All the other systems are nominal

Sol Activity Summary:
The Highlanders have landed on Mars! After saying goodbye to Crew 166 we settled in and started working. The orientation EVA was completed. Beechner made bread (his mom will be so proud)! Clark made tortilla soup for lunch with freeze-dried chicken. Yummy!

Daily lessons:

1. You can’t move in the suits but it forces you to have excellent posture

2. Hoodoos are amazing

3. Our team is an awesome group of scholars that are all ready to explore Mars!

Anomalies in work: All went well

Weather: Sunny and warm all day long!

Look ahead plan: Geology and Biology EVA tomorrow so the agar plates are made and ready to go

Crew Physical Status: Healthy and Happy!!

EVA: Hoodoo, gypsum fields, desert pavement, and creek beds explored