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Greetings Mission Support!

Today I went out to do a cursory inspection of the greenhab. It is still not setup, although there are a few tanks labeled "fish" and some seeds of various vegetables. These seem to be from some past setup for a project that has yet to begin.

I took the tomato seeds from the Greenhab, in hopes that we can plant them and begin germination in the water boxes that Julie had constructed in the Hab. Checking in with her old radish test, I have come to the same conclusion as she did. While the coffee grounds still have very small sprouts, the soil coffee mixture, has not produced any results at all. Julie was probably accurate in that the compact clay is not conducive to plant growth. There is potting soil in the outside in the Greenhab.

Tomorrow, we will throw away the radish water box that did not grow, and I will plant tomato seeds in two separate nutrients. We will plant half of the seeds in coffee grounds and water and the other half will be in the potting soil.

Dakota Clayton