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Hi Mission Support,

Sol Summary Report (SSR) for 04APR2016
SOL: 2
Person filling out Report: Amanda Sansom
Summary Title: Hot Nights in the Hab!

Mission Status: running on the CAT, All the other systems are functioning normally

Sol Activity Summary:
Greetings from Mars! We now know that the hab is really warm at night. When April is hot you know everyone else is on fire! Day 2 has been a great adventure. Jesse Stanford started our day off with his soothing wonderful music. We then learned a great deal on our geology EVA. In 2 hours we explored rocks, took measurements, and learned how to use a Brunton compass. Strike and dip!! We have also taken samples to see what kind of gross bacteria we humans have brought to the hab. We had some “darn good” chili for lunch thanks to Clark. To make the day even better, we planted some tomatoes that hopefully future Martians can enjoy!

Daily lessons:

1. 1. Crew 167A is hot!
2. 2. To be a fossil, something must be 10,000 years old
3. 3. Gravel includes boulders, cobbles, and pebbles
4. 4. Hoodoos are still amazing
5. 5. Science is FUN!

Anomalies in work: None. We ROCKED at exploring rocks!

Weather: Sunscreen needed today on Mars!

Look ahead plan: Beechner’s morning for music and some in-hab research!

Crew Physical Status: Hot, Healthy, Happy, and a little tired!!

EVA: rock exploration and growing bacteria!

Thank you,
Amanda Sansom