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Good day, Mission Support,

Crew members: Engineer Jonathan Beechner, Chemist Amanda Sansom, and Astronomer Dakota Clayton

12 N 518524 4249129 (sandstone/hoodoo)
12 N 519235 4251489 (canyon)

ATV: 1 – 2 – 3

Time: 8:30 am depart – 11:00 am return

Purpose: Geology EVA. Expose students to doing geology field work while staying “in-sim.” Follow a predetermined path and stop at specific waypoints to make observations or complete various tasks.

At our first stop, we examined pieces of sandstone. This examination consisted of measuring the diameter of various rocks, examining clasts, and using a color chart to identify the rocks’ characteristics. Next, we used a Brunton compass to obtain the strike and dip of the cap rock on a hoodoo located at the site. Everyone got excited and wanted to try their hand at the compass. At the second stop, we performed the same analyses on the various rock layers in the canyon. We returned well, safe, and informed.

Jonathan Beechner
Crew Engineer