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Crew members: Executive Officer Clark Overman, Commander April Andreas, and Biologist Jesse Stanford


12 N 518524 4249129 (sedimentary rock field)
12 N 519235 4251489 (ancient Fluvial Area)

ATV: 1, 2, 3

Time: 13:34 departure - 15:43 pm return

Purpose: Geology EVA.  Teach students about sedimentary rocks, deposition, lithification, and examination of the regolith.  Perform Monsell Soil Color analysis, use Brunton Compass to determine strike and dip.  Collect soil samples for analysis using sieving at the lab.

The EVA started on time. The locations for this EVA were chosen in order to study different kinds of geologic structures and the methods by which they were created. The many different colors of rock provide clues as to what kind of mineral resources could be available in this region of Mars. Crew members returned safely to the Hab and all equipment was accounted for.

Clark Overman
Executive Officer