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GreenHab Report

Today I planted tomato seeds with the assistance of geologist Jonathan Beechner and chemist Amanda Sansom. The tomato seeds were planted in water boxes designed by the Crew 166 GreenHab keeper Julie Mertens.  These are kept in an indoor vented mini-Greenhouse.  It is closet shaped, lined with reflective material, and uses a broad-spectrum grow-lights.  Half of the tomato seeds are planted in the potting soil retrieved from the Greenhab, the other half are grown in recycled coffee grounds.  We threw out the clay that did not grow the radish seeds.  The sprouts of the radishes in the coffee grounds are still present, but measureable growth has not yet occurred and it is unlikely, but tomorrow we are moving them to slightly larger pots. The germination trays and paper filters were reused.  ¼ cup of water was added to the two boxes as evaporation will continue to reduce water levels.?