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Good Evening Mission Support!

Sol Summary Report (SSR) for 05APR2016
SOL: 3
Person filling out Report: Amanda Sansom
Summary Title: The Wind Beneath My Wings

Mission Status: On target and sticking to the schedule!

Sol Activity Summary:
It is just another routine day on Mars. Beechner has had his music on all day. Most of his music is soothing and calms the hab. All six crewmembers enjoyed breakfast and lunch together today. Everyone is getting comfortable with one another and sharing more with the group. After lunch a crew of three went out on a mission to explore Mars and do some research. We have transplanted the radishes to bigger pots to see if they will grow any better. A few of the crewmembers have showered (so we smell nice) and the others are still in need of a shower! April’s daily routine has worked out well. We are all settled in.

Daily lessons:

1. Freeze dried veggies are not bad with garlic and cheese

2. The hab was not built with short people in mind

3. The Awesome Overlook is truly AWESOME!!

4. Crew 167A is windblown and maybe a little stinky

Anomalies in work: Windy!!

Weather: Sunny with a chance of wind

Look ahead plan: Amanda’s music tomorrow!! Also, the chemistry EVA is on the schedule.

Crew Physical Status: Healthy, Happy, and maybe a little smelly!

EVA: Sample collection for science!