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Journalist Report 05 Apr 2016
Sol 03

Crew Astronomer Clayton was up at 0500 local time and used the telescope for one hour. During this time he was able to view the stars Alioth, Mizar, and Alkaid and the planets Mars (the other one) and Saturn. He has found early morning viewing hours to be greatly improved over the previous evening.

The crew slept well last night and everyone was up prior to 0700 local time. Crew Engineer Beechner provided the music during coffee and breakfast.

It would appear that through intense experimentation, the precise ratio of proteins, enzymes, sugars, and yeast have yielded the perfect loaf of Martian bread. The focus for food science experiments has now shifted to vegetables.

Crew Engineer Beechner was busy taking laser measurements (with sound effects) of the Hab for his virtual reality research project.

The radishes germinated by MDRS 166 have been transferred to larger pots.

Crew members Andreas, Clayton, and Stanford embarked on an EVA to collect soil samples in the hope of discovering cyanobacteria and fungi at a later date. Gypsum was found that appeared to have a colony of cyanobacteria beneath. Being able to identify the presence of these life forms on Mars would provide evidence that Mars was and may still be able to sustain life.

Clark Overman, Crew Journalist, MDRS 167A