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Science Report 05 Apr 2016
Sol 03

Clark Overman’s research is focused on measuring the physiological cost of crew activities in a Mars analog environment. Besides serving as the crew executive officer, he also serves as the crew chef.

Data acquisition is continuous and ongoing. Data so far shows that calorie expenditure is greatest during EVAs as might be expected. Crews going on EVA should ideally consume the appropriate number of calories required for their mission requirements. However, all members of the crew have been consuming the same amount of calories regardless of mission requirement. Crew rations appear to be primarily packaged in servings of six and time constraints with regards to food preparation have all crew members eating the same rations regardless of mission requirements.

Initial impressions were that quality sleep would be difficult to achieve. However, the data collected thus far would seem to indicate that this has not been an issue given the mission conditions thus far.

Jonathan Beechner’s research involves creating a MDRS virtual reality simulation. Today, he used a laser measurement tool to measure dimensions of the Hab focusing specifically on the state rooms. These measurements will be used to recreate the Hab. Attached is a render of what he has completed so far. He plans to finish the state rooms and begin working on the loft tomorrow.

Jesse Stanford’s research is focused on searching for signs of cyanobacteria on Mars. He left the Hab today as part of EVA #5 and was able to collect five soil samples at the locations indicated in Crew 167A EVA #5 Report 05Apr2016. Surface soil samples were obtained near gypsum rock to potentially collect colonies of cyanobacteria. These samples will be processed after returning to Waco to look for the presence of the genus Chroococcidiopsis.

Clark Overman
Executive Officer/Chef

Jonathan Beechner
Crew Engineer

Jesse Stanford
Crew Biologist