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Hi Mission Support!

Crew members: Chemist Amanda Sansom, Biologist Jesse Stanford, and Astronomer Dakota Clayton

12 N 518277 4249548 (Big Boulder Corner)

12 N 520446 4251115 (Candor Chasma)

ATV: 1 – 2 – 3

Time: 8:30 pm depart – 1:00 pm return

Purpose: Chemistry EVA. To expose students to doing chemistry field work while staying “in-sim.”

We started the EVA at Big Boulder Corner. Here we evaluated rocks with a Geiger counter to assess for radiation. Radiation was not found on over 5 rocks. Next we went to the Candor Chasma to collect water samples. Water was not located in this area although several moist areas were identified under rocks. Gypsum was evaluated and the students discussed that you can make water from gypsum if needed. There were no samples brought back for evaluation due to the lack of water.

Amanda Sansom

Chemist and HSO