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Science Report 06 Apr 2016
Sol 04

Clark Overman’s data acquisition is continuous and ongoing. While yesterday’s report seemed to indicate that quality sleep was being achieved, the duration of this sleep is limited. Sleep after 0000 local time is 2.5 times more disturbed than initial sleep. One factor that could certainly be a factor is that when the Hab water pump comes on, it is like standing in front of a marching band drum line. The volume and vibration from the pump is significant, particularly during early morning hours. It would be very helpful if there were some way to isolate this from the crew stateroom area.

Jonathan Beechner continued to take laser measurements of the Hab. His VR modeling continues as planned.

Jesse Stanford observed some bacterial growth on the Agar plates. While it was exciting that the experiment is progressing, it was less exciting that the first plate that began showing growth was from the swab sample that was taken from the inside of a bubble helmet. He anticipates seeing increased growth on the other plates as well over the next twenty-four hours.

Clark Overman
Executive Officer/Chef

Jonathan Beechner
Crew Engineer

Jesse Stanford
Crew Biologist