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Date of exercise: 06APR2016
Astronomer: Dakota Clayton
Sky conditions: Clear!
Wind conditions: Calm
Observation Start Time: 10:30 p.m.
Observation End Time: 01:15 a.m.


Last night the sole purpose of viewing was to show the other crew members the objects I have been viewing.

With the help of the photographer we attempted troubleshooting for photographing objects, for a DSLR with T-mount.   Despite out best efforts, we were, at this time, unable to figure out how to sufficiently focus the combination of t-mount and camera to photograph anything.  Although viewing was great for the naked eye, placing the T-mount and camera on scope caused to come so out of focus that large black circles were in the center of what were otherwise large and bright celestial bodies.  I recognized this as completely out of focus from previous viewings.  Despite trying the extremes of ROBOFOCUS I was unable to attain focus necessary for successful documentation at this time.

After about an hour and a half, the crew remained viewing with the naked eye for about another hour to see shooting stars, ISS etc.

Objects Viewed: