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Commander Report Crew 167A:
April Andreas
Sol 5
Earth date: 04/07/16

Today was the “Mystery EVA” day as we have been calling it. We did the EVA for Heidi, which I won’t mention anymore here, so as not to spoil the Mystery for future crews. It was a hot day, and the EVA itself was not entirely pleasant. Meh, that’s Mars for you. (This commander is also increasingly passionate about finding a solution to providing space suits to people who are not in fact six feet tall.)

The afternoon was spent in working on individual research projects. We have one more day in sim, and then will be focused on the hand-off this coming Saturday.

From Crew 167A; MDRS Martian Outpost
Crew Commander
Per Aspera Ad Astra Cum Intervigila Et Irritatio Interdum