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Hello Mission Support!

Sol Summary Report (SSR) for 07APR2016

SOL: 5

Person filling out Report: Amanda Sansom

Summary Title: Knock, knock, knock… Mission Support

Mission Status: Getting tired but all good!

Sol Activity Summary:
Today is Sol 5 on Mars. After a fun evening of playing Dixit and stargazing the crew was dragging a bit this morning. We began the day with Clark’s well thought out music to wake everyone up gradually. We had self-serve for breakfast this morning but Clark made us lunch that consisted of freeze-dried roast beef, mashed potatoes, and peas. The mystery EVA #7 was completed by Jesse, Dakota, and myself. We got to strike and dip again! After about an hour we returned to find ourselves locked out. I didn’t realize April was serious when she threatened to lock me out in her report last night! After some time of banging on the door we were saved by Clark and Beechner! Mystery EVA #8 was then completed by April, Clark, and Beechner. Upon their return, we made sure they were allowed in the hab in a timely manner (like nice fellow crew members should).

Daily lessons:

1. Freeze-dried roast beef looks vaguely like canned dog food
2. Even introverts need a hug after a few days
3. Measuring layers of rock is fun
4. Crew 167A is getting tired but still having fun on Mars!!

Anomalies in work: Nose itches that can’t be scratched in space suits!

Weather: Lots of sunscreen used and water drank

Look ahead plan: Songs by Dakota in the AM. Chemistry EVA in the morning and sample collection in the afternoon!!

Crew Physical Status: Happy, a little tired, and kinda smelly still!

EVA: Strike and dip and a mystery solved!

Amanda Sansom

Chemist and HSO