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Good day, Mission Control,

Crew members: Engineer Jonathan Beechner, Commander April Andreas, and Executive Officer Clark Overman

12 N 518090 4250453 (RMR site)

ATV: none

Time: 1:30 PM depart – 2:30 PM return

Purpose: RMR EVA. The Rock Mass Rating EVA is important for scouting suitable places for caves or tunnels, which can provide long-term shelter from conditions like weather, and radiation on Mars. The following six parameters are used to classify a rock mass using the RMR system:
 * Uniaxial compressive strength of rock material
 * Rock Quality Designation
 * Spacing of Discontinuities
 * Groundwater Conditions
 * Orientation of Discontinuities

We left the hab at 1:44 PM. I navigated the team to the site described in the RMR EVA packet. We arrived at the site at 1:52 PM. April collected the data needed, and Clark wrote down her measurements. We left the site at 2:26 PM and arrived back at the hab at 2:37 PM.

Jonathan Beechner
Crew Engineer