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Science Report 06 Apr 2016
Sol 05

Clark Overman’s data acquisition is continuous and ongoing. Yesterday’s napping sleep was found to be of higher quality than the previous night’s sleep.

Jonathan Beechner continued to take laser measurements of the Hab. His VR modeling continues as planned. He has completed the both the second floor and loft and has been working on the bottom floor.

Jesse Stanford completed the microbiology experiments. Noticeable staph colonies were found on the agar plates cultured from swabs taken on a Hab mattress, the stair rail, kitchen table, and helmet. Enteric bacteria was also had found on the agar plate cultured from the stair rail sample. A fungal colony was also clearly observable on the plate with the swab samples taken from the bread-maker.

Clark Overman

Executive Officer/Chef

Jonathan Beechner

Crew Engineer

Jesse Stanford Crew Biologist