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Hello Mission Support!

Sol Summary Report (SSR) for 08APR2016

SOL: 6

Person filling out Report: Amanda Sansom

Summary Title: Hoodoo You Love

Mission Status: All systems go for departure tomorrow

Sol Activity Summary:
It’s a bittersweet Sol 6. Tonight is our last night together in the Hab. Over the week we have become a little family. Crew 167A is just amazing! Today April, Beechner, and Clark completed the Chemistry EVA while Jesse, Dakota, and I made lunch. We had it ready upon their return and we all had lunch together around the table. After lunch Jesse, Dakota, and I headed out for some sample collection. Today is cooler, cloudy, and windy. We even had a few raindrops! I am glad we have all had the opportunity to spend time viewing Jupiter and several stars on previous nights. There will be no star gazing tonight!

What an amazing opportunity this has been! Although we are all ready to go home and see our family and friends, it is sad to be leaving the hab. We have learned so much this week and have had a great time doing it! We have officially left our print as Crew 167A of MDRS.

MDRS lessons:

1. MDRS is an amazing learning opportunity for students and faculty at MCC
2. You can eat expired freeze-dried food and not get sick! J
3. Science is way cool!!
4. Short people do not fit well in the space suits
5. Travel to Mars is in our future!
6. It is okay to be smelly and unshaven on Mars
7. Hoodoo I love… Crew 167A

Anomalies in work: Tears in our eyes as we complete our last full day at MDRS

Weather: Cloudy with a lot of wind

Look ahead plan: Our commander and chief will share her very secretive play list with us in the morning. We will prepare for the oncoming crew and pack to leave

Crew Physical Status: Healthy, Hairy, and pretty SMELLY!

EVA: It’s for science!!

Amanda Sansom

Chemist and HSO