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Commander Report Crew 167B:
Karen Rucker
Sol 1
Earth date: 04/09/16

Today we met Crew 167A for a delicious out-of-sim lunch at Duke’s. Upon arrival at the hab, crew members paired off by role and were debriefed on corresponding duties. Crew 167A's Engineer Jonathan Beechner has been kind enough to fill a vacancy on our crew and will be staying with us for a second week in sim. We were delighted to have Director Shannon Rupert show us around the area and we were even able to entertain a few visitors. We said goodbye to Crew 167A around 05:00 pm. Their surprise leave behind gift of chocolate chip cookies was much appreciated as reports were being prepared!

Our head chef Victoria is currently in the process of creating Martian Carnivore pizza for dinner, for which Director Rupert will be joining us after CapCOM window opens.

We’ve made a plan for tomorrow, which will include, pending approval, our two Orientation EVAs as required by McLennan Community College. We will enter sim tomorrow prior to engineering rounds at 08:00 am.
From Crew 167B; MDRS Martian Outpost
Crew Commander
Per Ardua Ad Astra