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Commander Report Crew 167B:
Karen Rucker
Sol 2
Earth date: 04/10/16

Today we officially entered sim at 08:00 and then conducted our two orientation EVAs. The orientation EVAs focus on helping orient crew members to their surroundings, learn major landmarks along the main ATV road, and generally get used to the unique challenges of being “in sim.” I led EVA 1 and Otsmar led EVA 2.

During EVA 1, the crew remaining in the hab prepared lunch, and Jaxom worked on his part of the shared Virtual Reality Mars Simulation project. The crew came together for lunch and enjoyed a meal of turkey, corn, rice and brown gravy that was much appreciated by a very hungry crew returning from the morning EVA.

During EVA 2, the crew remaining inside the hab worked on reports, research, and made Snickerdoodle cookies as a special treat for Beechner, which were quickly devoured. We enjoyed an early dinner of chicken noodle soup, cheesy broccoli and spinach, and mashed potatoes prepared by Head Chef LaBarre. Our plan for tomorrow includes media training, independent research, and, pending approval, a Chemistry EVA in the morning to Candor Chasma.

From Crew 167B; MDRS Martian Outpost
Crew Commander
Ad Astra