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SOL 2:

Sol Summary Report (SSR) for 10APR2016

Person filling out Report: Drew Canham

Summary Title:  Houston, We may have clogged something (what are the odds?) . . .

Mission Status: We are feeling way above average.

Sol Activity Summary:

Hola, Mission Support,

Operation Day 1 in progress.  Commander Rucker, Victoria and Jonny B (Beechner) went on EVA One-an orientation and acclimation exercise.  They succeeded in that they found their way home.  We rewarded them with lunch.  Otsmar, Jaxom and I made lunch-we are proud of ourselves as it proved delicious and people ate seconds (hopefully because it was wonderful and not out of pity).  We served super sweet corn (not just sweet), turkey with gravy, and rice ala Otsmar.

EVA Two was also an orientation and acclimation exercise for Commander-in-Training Otsmar, Jaxom and I.  We too found our way home.  The rest of the crew thankfully opened the airlock and let us back in.  I continue to enjoy the scenery here; I benefitted from seeing a gypsum field that I haven't previously experienced.  We also saw a U.F.O. that looked a lot like a Nissan Pathfinder we commonly see on Earth.

Work around the hab included routine cleaning and working on research.  Victoria is reassembling her rover in preparation for EVA research.  Jonny B and Jaxom are working on their virtual hab project.  We also enjoyed a surprise dinosaur egg hunt around the first floor of the hab.

MDRS lessons:

1.     Dehydrated turkey tastes great.  It also reminded those of us who attended public school in the U.S. of the turkey served during lunch periods (ahh, the memories).
2.     Jaxom has even more energy than I thought.
3.     You can flush a toilet with a bucket of water.  Apparently it's called a "gravity flush."
4.     The hoodoos remind us of the mushrooms on Super Mario Brothers.

5.     We had an entertaining conversation about what the plural of hoodoo is.

6.    We didn't skip number three (we're pretty sure at least one of you checked).

7.  Victoria has the "coolest" sleeping bag-it's a bear.

Anomalies in work:  Victoria's pet rabbit also enjoyed EVA One.

Weather: Like yesterday, at ¼ throttle.

Look ahead plan: Media training in preparation for Tuesday's visit.  In addition, the plants don't seem to be doing well following traditional scientific methods.  Therefore, I am initiating a social science experiment to foster plant growth on Mars; effectively immediately, I will begin singing to the plants, and generally saying nice things to them.

Crew Physical Status: Physically and emotionally at 100%.

Upcoming EVA: Chemistry EVA-science makes us smile.

Drew Canham
XO and HSO (aka Dr. Initials)?