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Science Report 10 Apr 2016

Sol 02

Jonathan Beechner and Jaxom Hartman are doing joint research that involves creating a MDRS virtual reality simulation. Jaxom is modeling the terrain surrounding the hab and programming interactive EVAs in Unity3D. Jonathan is working on making scale models of the hab, greenhab, and observatory. They will be merging their projects together into one incredible virtual reality Mars experience!

Victoria LaBarre is testing the effect human drivers have on the success of a mission involving a rescue and retrieval robot. The second phase of this robot will test autonomous retrieval success rates and compare them to the human and robot results. The third phase will use the more successful retrieval method in greater depth by focusing on the development of humanoid robotic arms with the ability to perform surgical procedures in transit while returning an injured astronaut back to the Hab. Today was mostly spent re-assembling the robot after decomposition for travel.

Jonathan Beechner

Crew Geologist/Greenhab

Victoria LaBarre

Crew Chemist/Chef

Jaxom Hartman

Crew Biologist/Engineer