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Commander Report Crew 167B:
Karen Rucker
Sol 3
Earth date: 04/11/16

Today the crew awoke around 07:00 and enjoyed the morning playlist courtesy of Drew, which included “Amish Paradise” by Weird Al Yankovich in the midst of good ol’ Texas country. Beechner made a fire station worthy breakfast of scrambled eggs, sausage and hashbrowns.

The morning EVA left for Candor Chasma (known to some of us as Honest Criticism Chasma) to complete the first Chemistry EVA. Otsmar, Beechner, and I spent most of the morning in the canyon trying to find water, but much like Crew 167A, were unsuccessful. We did discover many beautiful pieces of gypsum and an interesting cave that showed signs of nesting by some unknown creature. Several Martian lizards were also observed.

Lunch courtesy of Victoria was Spanish rice with taco meat, cheese and toppings. The crew spent the afternoon doing individual research, and Jaxom cleaned the water filter in hopes of remedying the toilet difficulties. His endeavor was successful, and the crew was most appreciative. We are grateful for MDRS’s guidance in fixing the issue.

Prior to dinner, we reviewed our media training in preparation for the San Francisco Film Society crew that will be spending the day with us tomorrow. We are really looking forward to showing them just how amazing an opportunity it is to do scientific research “in sim,” and how it furthers the goals of The Mars Society.

Dinner consisted of pho soup with beef and mashed potatoes, with a delicious dessert of apple pie, all prepared by Chef LaBarre.

From Crew 167B; MDRS Martian Outpost
Crew Commander
Ad Astra Aer Aspera