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Good day, Mission Support,

Date: 11APR2016 at 7:15 PM
GreenHab Officer Name: Jonathan Beechner

General Sumary:
This morning, in addition to turning on the light to the greenhab, I started up the heater in the downstairs area in an attempt to reach an internal temperature of 80 °F inside the greenhab. The temperature did in fact rise to 79 °F, but I am not yet sure if that was a direct cause of turning on the heater. I will continue this method the rest of the week in hopes that the temperature remains high.

There are sprouts today! I found two tomato sprouts, neither of them exceeding 2mm in length. This, of course means the tomato seeds we have been using are good. I hope to see significant growth in the next few days.

The radishes have not grown significantly, but they appear to be healthy. There are no signs of withering, and the soil is moist.

I cannot tell for sure if the onions have changed significantly since yesterday. They appear to have slightly withered in certain spots. I will photograph them tonight and compare the picture to their state tomorrow.

Jonathan Beechner
GreenHab Officer