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Good day, Mission Support,

EVA Request:
EVA #6

Crew members: Jonathan Beechner, Jaxom Hartman

12 N 518230 4250725 (outside the hab)

Time: Departure at 01:30 p.m.

Duration: 1h.

Take measurements of structures outside the hab. These measurements will be used to model the hab in 3D which will be used in Jonathan Beechner’s research project.

Take and record measurements of the front stairs, the side supports, the back tank, and the back stairs. All measurements will be in meters/centimeters.

EvaPlan Report
Point0:12 N 518230 4250725
Purpose0:Take measurements

Eva Number:6
Go Rogue:no
Route Change:None

Lead Name:
Jonathan Beechner
Suit Num One: 1
Atv Num One:NA

Two Name: Jaxom Hartman
Suit Num Two:2
Atv Num Two: NA

Jonathan Beechner
GreenHab Officer