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Science Report 13 Apr 2016

Sol 05

In hopes to gather more useful data for his project, Jonathan Beechner went on an EVA to gather measurements of the hab's exteriour. He and Victoria LaBarre measured the front stairs and the metal supports holding up the hab. Jonathan spent the rest of the day modeling the stairs and the airlock doors. Jaxom finally succeeded in implementing a functional, interactive car (ATV) in his part of the VR project. Out of excitement, everyone on the crew took turns taking the vehicle for a spin.

Victoria LaBarre, pending approval, is planning an EVA to test the EMSR tomorrow, Thursday, April 14. Batteries for the rover are currently charging and she completed the wiring and attached the retrieval arm today.

Jonathan Beechner
Crew Geologist/Greenhab

Victoria LaBarre
Crew Chemist/Chef

Jaxom Hartman

Crew Biologist/Engineer