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EVA Request:
EVA #10

Crew members: Otsmar Villarroel, Jonathan Beechner, Victoria LaBarre

12 N 519235 4251489

ATV: 1,2,3

Time: Departure at 13:30 p.m.

Duration: 1h to 1h30.

Geology EVA. Teach students about sedimentary rocks, deposition, lithification, and examination of the regolith. Perform Monsell Soil Color analysis, use Brunton Compass to determine strike and dip.

Goal: Finish the Geology EVA. This is the second half of EVA #4 that was shortened due to a film crew from San Francisco Film Society.

EvaPlan Report


Point0: 0

Point0 East: 518230

Point0 North: 4250725

Purpose0: home

Point1 Away: 12 N 519235 4251489

Purpose1: Strike and dip measurements, collect soil samples

Eva Number: 10

Go Rogue: no

Route Change:

Lead Name: Otsmar Villarroel

Suit Num One: 4

Atv Num One: 1

Navi Name: Jonathan Beechner

Suit Num Two: 1

Atv Num Two: 2

Three Name: Victoria LaBarre

Suit Num Three: 2

Atv Num Three: 3

Depart Time: 13:30