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Good day, Mission Support,

Date: 14APR2016
GreenHab Officer Name: Jonathan Beechner

General Summary:
Turned on the greenhab light this morning but did not turn on the heater. The greenhab reached 81 °F.

There are a surprising twelve new sprouts today! Almost all the seeds have sprouted now. The tomatoes vary in size from 2mm to 2.5cm. They were all watered today.

The radishes have still not grown significantly. I am not sure why. It is possible the temperature is too hot for them. I might leave a crack in the greenhab door tomorrow to cool it down.

I found what appears to be a white lichen or mold growing on the dirt surrounding the onions. I am not sure if it is unhealthy for the onions nor do I know if it will spread to the tomatoes and radishes. Please advise how to treat this.

Jonathan Beechner
GreenHab Officer