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Crew members: Chemist Victoria LaBarre, Executive Officer Drew Canham, and Engineer Jaxom Hartman

12 N 518230 4250725 (outside the hab)

ATV: 1, 2, 3

Time: 10:30 departure – 11:30 am return

Purpose: The Emergency Medical Service Rover (EMSR) is a robot designed and programmed to retrieve an injured astronaut out on an EVA at Mars and bring him or her back to the Hab for medical assistance. This EVA will simulate a situation in which the EMSR will perform this task while driven by a human driver. The injured astronaut is a Barbie that the EMSR will go, lift up into an operating deck and then driver back to the Hab.

Departure for this EVA was delayed due to switching wheels and adding bars across the wheels to prevent the axels from sliding out of the motor sockets. The test was performed locally outside the Hab to see how well the EMSR could travel through muddy terrain. In conclusion, the EMSR travels with more success over mud or hard terrain, rather than soft silt.

Victoria LaBarre