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25 April 2016- Sol 1

Heather Coombs

Today included Lectures, Power Loss resolved, spaghetti lunch. EVA Exercise

Mission Status: Our first day on Mars has gone very well with all members healthy and morale is high. We have functional ATVs, one which is missing a brake ,and one with starting difficulites. This does not affect the mission . All communications equipment is working well

Sol Activity Summary:
1. We had an oil leak in our generator which is small enough that the generator functions by refilling the oil as needed. We are waiting for repair.

2. We successfully completed three tasks during a practice EVA mission

- located a downed satellite

- we dusted off the solar panels for our satellite relay

- we located the remains of the dog lost with the satellite

3 During the EVA practice today, we had one simulated injured crew member with decompression illness which has since resolved with treatment.

4. Thanks to our commander and our safety officer; we had excellent lectures on decompression illness, basic space physiology and medical kits for EVA, pressurized rover and the HAB

Look ahead Plan:

1. We will be checking on our crew member with the decompression illness, regularly for the next 24h

2. Tomorrow’s plan is for ongoing lectures in space medicine, contingency planning for space medical emergencies, and simulation during EVA, pending authorisation of EVA for tomorrow

Anomalies in work: : as stated above and also we started our EVA in the am instead of PM due to forecasted high winds and rain for the afternoon

Weather 63deg winds gusting to 60 deg f rain intermittent with sun

Crew Physical status; 8 crew members all without any problem at this time.

EVA: We went SW through Ambush alley , parking just at its exit and walked to the Satellite crash site at N38deg 23.616’ W110deg47.690’

Dog remains at N38deg 636’ W 110deg 47.776

Satellite relay repair N38deg23.587 W110deg47.727

Respectfully yours,
Heather Coombs