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Commander Report

26 April 2016 – Sol 2

Mission Support,
Hello on Sol 2 from Mars. The crew awoke today to a steady morning of rain resulting in some heavy mud around the Hab. All had breakfast on their own. Later, we discussed atmospheric composition in spacecraft as well as toxicologic and genitourinary conditions during spaceflight.

We made pizza for lunch with the incredible breadmaker! We then performed an EVA north of the Hab to a large rock formation we called Bullwinkle. It was difficult trekking through the extensive Mud. We collected some soil and geologic samples. We also dealt with simulated medical conditions, including a crew member with a kidney stone causing an evacuation. We also managed a crew member with ear barotrauma related to the air lock depress.

Tonight, we are setting up the 3D printer to be prepared for any future medical contingencies. It looks like there are instructions in the drawer, but any helpful hints? Also, we found the 3D printer instruction for the filter, so need to search further. Water flow is borderline right now, so we may attempt to change the filter.

We also plan to repeat our group exercise session that we did yesterday afternoon.

Crew morale is high though everyone is a little tired from busy days yesterday and today. We hope to relax a little bit more tomorrow.

An XO and Engineering report will follow. There is also an EVA request.

We found a Mars critter in the bottom portion of the Hab. Are there any traps available to help catch them?

Thank you for the weather report and your support.

Respectfully submitted,

Ben Easter
Commander, MDRS Crew 168