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26 April 2016- Sol 2
Heather Coombs

Today included Lectures, Pizza Lunch,. EVA Exercise

Mission Status: Today we had am lectures on space medical issues , followed by an afternoon EVA where we completed all four objectives. We are currently on track in all aspects of our mission. Our generator has functioned well in past 24 h without repair.

Sol Activity Summary:
1. We finished our day last evening with our first bookclub discussion after reading a portion of a space related book.

2. We had 2 excellent lectures this am on aviation medical topics followed by 2 very educational and entertaining videos on space medicine topics.

3. We had an excellent pizza for lunch

4. We successfully completed four tasks during a practice EVA mission successfully marked our communication range, located a specific landmark – looked for and found signs of life located Stonehenge like area – looked for and found signs of life located a Martian graveyard and tombstone

5. During the EVA practice today, we had two simulated medical issues

a. one crew member with an initial simulated medical issue which lasted from start to finished and which was managed appropriately

b. one crew member developed an issue which was aggravated during the mission but mission completed.

c. All simulated medical issues resolved

Look ahead Plan:
Our patient with simulated decompression illness is now completely asymptomatic and will be verified for 1 more 24h period.

Tomorrow’s plan is for ongoing lectures in space medicine, contingency planning for space medical emergencies, and simulation during EVA, pending authorisation of EVA for tomorrow.

Anomalies in work: :

Weather 41deg winds gusting to 5 nautical mph, rain intermittent with cloud

Crew Physical status; 8 crew members all without any problem at this time.

EVA: We went NW to coord Bullwinkle N 38deg26.965 W110deg 47.592

And Martian Graveyatd N 38deg 24.975 W 110deg46.878

Respectfully yours,

Heather Coombs
Second in Command