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a. successfully establish satellite com relay on Tim’s Peak

b. successfully took soil and air samples from Tim’s Peak

c. marked our communication range to the S

d. took soil samples from Mars mound to the south

e. marked location Between a Rock and a Hard Place

f. took soil sample, soil PH and soil temp at Between a Mark and a Hard place

g. explored the ridgeline

h. unable to establish effective communication from the road ridge

i. unable to get the picture of the roof of the HAB

2. EVA Simulated Medical Event

There was a simulated injured team member on Tim’s Peak during the EVAwhich involved a successful evacuation within a 30 min time frame.

a. one crew member with an initial simulated medical issue which lasted fromstart to finished and which was managed appropriately

b. one crew member developed an issue which was aggravated during themission but mission completed.

c. All simulated medical issues resolved

3. Locations visited

a. We went SW from the hab to Tim’s Peak 50 ft west of Ambush Alley N38deg 23.595 W 110deg 47.493

b. We went S to establish comms range south, range limit at the junction ofthe road to the Hab and Highway 24N 38deg 22.330 W110deg 46.083

c. We visited Mars Mound N38deg 23.470 W110deg 47.130

d. We visited Between a rock and a hard place N38deg 24.682 W110deg46.765

e. We visited ridge rd N38deg 26,516 W110deg 47.804

Respectfully yours,

Heather Coombs
Executive Officer
Second in Command