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Commander Report
Crew 169 Commander

Hello Earth,

Today crew members waked up very early and we saw an incredible sun, the weather was perfect. Celeste and Orson are in charge of today's cooking so they made chocolate for the breakfast, spaghettis for the dinner and they are making the lunch. Marcos and Luis are in charge of today's cleaning.

Today was an active day too. Orson received a training for the ATV and repair some instruments for the EVAs like the walkie talkies and tanks of oxygen. Nolvert and I had our first EVA at the afternoon from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm, the objective was collect soil of two different places. After our EVA, Orson teach us how to use the ATV. Celeste and Luis received the same training for use the ATV too. I think all of us are very good drivers.

In the day, crew members has a good advanced of their projects. Marcos installed the system of radio control and a wireless system of cameras and Celeste made testing of movement control, both are working with rovers. Luis obtained the principal measurements for his model and he is preparing a software simulation, he undertood completely the server where we public our reports. Elizabeth installed the electronic system for the drip irrigation system and installed the pips with tapes.

Nolverth prepared soil and beans to germinate them.

The atmosphere is perfect, we are making good friends and our projects is going well so we are very happy. We are enjoying our stay in Mars.

Better force with you,

Commander Crew 169
Elizabeth C.C