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Eva Report

Crew 169
Eva Number: 2

Eva Date: 05/03/2016

Time Slot: laterAM

Take an amount of soil to use it in experiments at the inside of the Hab because maintenance of the Green hab.

Following the instructions from Earth we used for the first time the ATV's learning how to use it.

The today's EVA was specially for the crew members who are working for green hab projects with beans (rabish and Prosopis pallida) using Earth soil at Hab conditions and Mars soil. The activity started at 2 pm with 5 minutes of airlock waiting. The members involved at this EVA were: Elizabeth (Commander)and Nolver (Green hab officer) who took the soil inside the hab. Also, following instructions from Earth, Orson (Crew engineer) took an introduction of the ATV's and learned to use it, then he shared the information with each one of the members.

Eva Depart Time: 1400

Check In Time One: 1420
Check In One E: 518270
Check In One N: 4250672.5
Check In Note One: First took of red soils

Check In Time Two: 1450
Check In East Two: 518292.5
Check In Note Two: Second took of red soils

Check In Time Three: 1520
Check In East Three: 518230
Check In North Three: 4250725
Check In Note Three:  Back to the Hab

Check In Time Four:
Check In East Four:
Check In North Four:
Check In Note Four:

Eva Return Time: 1540

Wp1 E: 518270

Wp1 N: 4250672.5

Waypoint1arrive Time: 1420

Eva W P1depart Time: 1430

Wp1 Find:

Wp2 E: 518292.5
Wp2 N: 4250725
Eva W P2arrive Time: 1450
Eva W P2depart Time: 1500
Wp2 Find:

Wp3 E: 518230
Wp3 N: 4250725
Eva W P3arrive Time: 1520
Eva W P3depart Time: 1525
Wp3 Find:

Wp4 E:
Wp4 N:
Eva W P4arrive Time:
Eva W P4depart Time:
Waypoint Four Finding:

Waypoint Five Easting:
Waypoint Five Northing:
Waypoint Five Arrive Time:
Waypoint Five Depart Time:
Waypoint Five Findings: